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Here Are Some Landing Spots For Ezekiel Elliott

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The Cowboys moving off Ezekiel Elliott is understandable but still shocking.

He was just one of those guys you expected to stay a Cowboy for life.

It also raised a massive question, who is going to be interested in Zeke?

An article from Yard Barker laid out four top landing spots for Zeke.

They are Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Chargers, Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans.

Out of all these teams, I think that the Chiefs are the best landing spot for Zeke.

He showed last season that he likely is no longer that every down running back. He can however be an elite power back in spurts. The chiefs are really the only team that can give him that. The only issue is that they don’t have as much money to give as the other teams. With that being said, Zeke’s market value is not great anyway right now.

What Is The Market Going To Be Like For Ezekiel Elliott?

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