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Former Patriots Player Wants Them To Bring In Lamar Jackson

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This is an interesting idea.

Former Patriots Player Rob Ninkovich said that the Patriots should go after Lamar Jackson.

NBC Sports:

Mac Jones could take a step forward next season with Bill O’Brien as his offensive coordinator and a few more weapons at his disposal. But if you ask former Patriots edge rusher Rob Ninkovich, New England should think bigger.

Ninkovich believes the Patriots should go all-in and pay star quarterback Lamar Jackson, who the Baltimore Ravens recently placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on. Jackson is free to negotiate with other NFL teams and if another organization signs him to an offer sheet, Baltimore will have a chance to match the contract.

“If you’re the Patriots, and you go and you make an attempt to get Lamar, that changes everything. Absolutely everything,” Ninkovich said Friday on ESPN’s “Get Up!”. “And listen, I am a huge fan of Lamar’s style of game and what it puts on a defense, the stresses. And there’s needs and wants, OK?

“A need is necessary for life. A want, it helps your quality of life. I don’t need Lamar here, but I sure as heck want to see Lamar running around with a New England Patriot on his helmet. Because if you see it out there, the Patriots instantly, instantly, become division favorites and, to me, get right back into that Super Bowl hunt.”

I actually really like this idea. Lamar would give the Patriots a star quarterback who can control the clock and compliment their defense.

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