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What Is Going On With LeBron’s Injury Situation?


LeBron James is the key to how far the Lakers can go in the playoffs this year.

Adding him to this upgraded roster will certainly shake up the West.

The one problem is that he is still injured.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported that LeBron is not close to returning from injury.


Lakers star LeBron James is reportedly “not close” to a return from a foot injury that has sidelined him since the end of February.

“LeBron is not close to returning from what I am told,” ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said on his Hoop Collective podcast. “I know that everyone said the three weeks, but I think it was very clear that three weeks is when he was going to be given an official re-evaluation. It didn’t mean he was coming back in three weeks.

“I know LeBron has played through injuries in the past, but I’m not 100% sure this is an injury you can play through. Remember a couple years ago when he had that nasty high ankle sprain when Solomon Hill rolled up on him from behind, and it was a wrecking ball to that Lakers season and he came back for the playoffs and was nowhere near himself. And then basically admitted afterwards that he shouldn’t have been playing and then completely shut down for the whole summer just to get that ankle right. I wouldn’t rule out that he couldn’t limp back in for the playoffs like he did there but he wasn’t himself so I don’t know what the Lakers can count on.”

At the same time, we have Dennis Schroder seemingly optimistic about his injury.

Clutch Points:

Fast forward to Lakers’ shootaround on Friday, and you’ll find Schroder making cryptic remarks on LeBron’s recovery process as he nurses a foot injury.

“I can’t say too much … But German doctors are great,” Dennis said with a wry smile. “That’s all I’m saying.”

LeBron was mysteriously away from the Lakers for a few days last week. Last Tuesday night, for instance, he was neither at Arena for Pau Gasol’s jersey retirement ceremony nor at Sierra Canyon’s season finale. (Lakers fans may recall Kobe Bryant famously traveling to Germany for special knee surgery)

Schroder added that LeBron has been conducting three rehab sessions a day as he works his way back.

So, I guess we really have no clue about LeBron’s injury situation.

The only thing we do know is the Lakers’ season depends on his health.

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