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Texas A&M vs Penn State, Duke vs Oral Roberts: NCAA Bets, Props, Parlays (3/16/2023)

My Pick: Parlay Texas A&M ML and Duke ML

Texas A&M is red hot and Penn State has been hot lately too, but watching all their games they have relied on tough shot-making, and versus this aggie-smothering defense that will not happen. Penn State in the last three games has allowed 5 turnovers per game compared to Texas A&M causing 15 turnovers a game. I like Texas A&M to win the game and play a tempo offense compared to Penn State trying to play slow.

Duke ML is the second leg and even though Oral Roberts is very well offensively, Duke Permitter Defense and Interior scoring will be no match for Oral Roberts. Take Duke in a game they have a clear advantage and juice the parlay.

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