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Home » Furman vs Virginia: NCAA Bets, Props, Bets (3/16/2023)

Furman vs Virginia: NCAA Bets, Props, Bets (3/16/2023)

My Pick: Furman +6

This upset is my favorite play of the slate, Furman is a top 11 in the country at 81 points per game and Virginia has a dominant defense but slow offense. Furman shooting efficiency is way better than Virginia and in the last three games have averaged fewer turnovers than Virginia’s. The Furman offense is so much better than Virginia’s and will make up for their middle-of-the-pack defense. Some people say oh Furman has not played anyone but in their last 15 games, 14 of them were won by 15 or more. I like Furman high powered offense and Virginia’s Slow offense to keep this game close.

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