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Jaylen Brown Calls Out Celtics After Terrible Rockets Loss

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The Celtics dropped an embarrassing game to the Houston Rockets.

This game was a big deal because the Celtics are fighting for the #1 seed in the East.

NBC Sports:

All-Star guard Jaylen Brown believed the Celtics’ issues extended beyond poor shooting, however.

“Just a lack of effort, for sure,” Brown told reporters after the game. “Fifty-fifty balls, loose balls, they beat us … It just felt like they won every loose ball. They just wanted it more.”

“We lost tonight not really on execution, but lack of effort,” Brown added. “Not doing our job. The hard stuff, the little stuff is what adds up. Offensive rebounds and loose balls, the turnovers — we didn’t deserve to win today.

” … You’re playing a team with only 15 wins, you think (a win is) just going to automatically happen. That’s not the NBA and it’s not basketball. And we didn’t have a sense of urgency, so we weren’t rewarded tonight. That’s what happens.”


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