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Jayson Tatum Is The NBA’s Real Leading Scorer

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The scoring title is always closely watched.

A battle between Joel Embiid and Luka Doncic is hotly contested with both averaging 33 but Embidd averaging more by .4.

A stat I saw on the Celtics broadcast makes me believe neither deserves the award as of right now.

Jayson Tatum is leading the league in total points.

Clutch Points:

Jayson Tatum is leading the league in total points this 2022-23 season, but the Boston Celtics superstar couldn’t care less about that.

The 25-year-old forward made that abundantly clear in a recent conversation with reporters, emphasizing that his goal is not to win individual accolades but rather to bring back the Larr O’Brien Trophy to the winningest franchise in league history. Tatum has 1,915 total points entering Monday’s contest with the Houston Rockets, with Luka Doncic behind him with 1,879.

“The only thing that matters to me is winning a championship. Not MVP, not first-team All-NBA, none of that. I want to get back to the Finals and get over the hump,” Tatum said, via NBC Sports.

Celtics fans will definitely love that statement from Jayson Tatum. That mentality is exactly what they need as they try to contend for the NBA championship and actually become the last team standing come June.

I understand why averages are used but shouldn’t something be given to the guy who actually has scored the most times? The fact Tatum has played more should be rewarded.


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