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What Do The Jets Players Know About The Aaron Rodgers Trade?

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Just a few days ago there was massive hope for the New York Jets.

They looked to be trading for Rodgers, a move that would certainly give them a chance to go far in the playoffs.

As it dragged on it started to look like Rodgers may just retire. At least the media started pushing a narrative this might backfire.

PFT reported:

Rodgers officially is holding the Packers and Jets hostage.

He’s doing so because both teams won’t know what they can or can’t commit to potential free agents without knowing whether he will or won’t be on their rosters. And they’ll inevitably miss out on players they could have signed.

The Packers, who have their next starter ready to go, need to know what’s happening with Rodgers’s contract, from a cap standpoint. The Jets need to know which veteran quarterback they’ll be acquiring

This article was initially supposed to be about that. However, since I wrote it I have seen multiple clues that Rodgers will in fact be come a Jet.

The first is this Trey Wingo tweet and more info from Schefter.

We also have Jets players celebrating something online.

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