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Game Reaction: Celtics Drop Big One To The Rockets

If you are a Celtics fan don’t turn on the TV tomorrow. The media is going to be pushing a “the sky is falling narrative” all day.

We won’t do that here but I will break down what I saw.

This was a classic Celtics game. Can’t hit the three, missing key free throws, allowing long rebounds, allowing a bad team to have confidence, and missing an easy game-tying shot.

How does Jaylen Brown miss that late free throw? How does Tatum not finish that layup?

The Celtics simply have to be better in these areas. When they play the right way there is no one who can beat them. They have the best duo in the league, in my view, and have depth.

They simply need to clean things up. It is so frustrating watching this team play like this when the first seed hangs in the balance.

I thought Mazzula coached one of his best games tonight. He called timeouts at the right times, made a key challenge and his decision to go for a two late and make the Rockets shoot free throws worked out perfectly.

I have said from the beginning that this team’s success will be judged by the playoffs. That stays true for wins and losses. Don’t let people lie to you and act like this is the end of the Celtics season.

With that being said the Celtics need to look in the mirror. If they play like this in the playoffs they will not get to the Finals.

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