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Baker Replacing Brady In Tampa?

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I have to be honest Baker Mayfield screwed me last season.

I was all-in on the guy thinking the Panthers were a perfect spot for him – he had a rough season. He showed signs late in the season but it simply wasn’t enough.

It looks like he might be getting another chance.

According to a new report, the Bucs have an interest in him.

More From Yahoo Sports:

The Bucs may be throwing him a lifeline. Whoever Mayfield signs with next will be his fourth club in three years, and he hasn’t played even close to peak Mayfield in at least as long. There may not be a lot of starting opportunities out there for him. At least in Tampa, he’d have the chance to compete against 25-year-old Kyle Trask for the job. And he’ll get another opportunity (his third) to try to rediscover his form and revive his career.

Now, is that opportunity worth the possibility of being known as Tom Brady’s replacement? It’s a chance to start in the NFL, so probably, but with free agency opening Wednesday, we’ll soon find out for sure.

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