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Analysis: The Bears Just Robbed The Panthers

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The Bears as an organization robbed the Carolina Panthers.

Here are the details.

Draft Wire:

We already have our first massive blockbuster of the 2023 NFL draft, as the Chicago Bears have agreed to trade the No. 1 overall pick to the Carolina Panthers in return for a massive haul.

The Bears are getting multiple first-round picks, multiple second-round picks, and star wide receiver D.J. Moore in return for this year’s top selection, as the Panthers now have the opportunity to land their quarterback of choice atop the draft board.

Action Network broke down why this deal is good for the Bears.

Action Network:

The Panthers will win this trade if they get their franchise QB, but the Bears already look like winners. This is an absolute haul for No. 1.

The focus will be on the draft picks, but I think this trade was about D.J. Moore for Chicago more than anything else. That’s why you make this move before free agency. Moore is a real prize and maybe the most important return piece in this deal.

This is a double all-in bet on Justin Fields. It’s a vote of confidence trading away the right to select an alternate QB, and it’s also an all-in move to go get Fields a legitimate WR1 in Moore, who caught over 300 balls for 4,419 yards and 19 scores the last four years despite playing in a tumultuous offense on a terrible team.

The wide receiver crop in free agency is incredibly weak, and after a few loaded years in the draft, it’s also bereft of a true WR1 talent at the top. Moore averaged 8.3 targets per game the last four seasons and brings the sort of explosion, hands and route running the Bears have rarely seen at receiver, maybe anytime in franchise history. He’s also under club control at a super manageable price for the next three years.

I disagree with one part of Action Network’s assessment. If Carolina drafts a franchise QB I still am not sure that this deal was better for them. The media refuses to acknowledge this but football is a team sport. One or two players can’t carry a team, no matter how good they are. Does the QB have the most impact? Yes. But that doesn’t change the fact no one can do it on their own. The Panthers gave up a really talented receiver and multiple first and second-round picks simply to get the first overall pick. I hate this trade for the Panthers.

If the Bears play their cards right they can build a solid team with all the assets they now have.

There are reports the Panthers may trade the pick so maybe they can regain some assets.

Panthers Might Trade The First Overall Pick Again

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