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Are The Boston Celtics In Trouble?

This Boston Celtics team is a roller coaster to watch.

As a Celtics fan, it is tough for me not to love this team. The most important three players on the team have been with the Celtics their entire careers and we have gotten to watch them get better each year.

The guys the Celtics have picked up fit into the Celtics’ brand of basketball perfectly.

With that being said this is also one of the most frustrating teams to watch.

Turnovers, bad shots, and just overall sloppy play seem to rear their ugly head through stretches of the season. Even last year in the playoffs I really felt like the Celtics allowed teams to hang around when they could’ve finished them off in 5 or 6 games. In the finals, that type of play caught up with them.

After a red-hot start, they now have fallen to the second seed in the east. This has led to the usual suspects in the media freaking out saying the Celtics are done. These are people who haven’t watched this team enough ver the past years.

This team is going to get it together just like last year. You might be saying “last year they struggled early but pulled it together, this time it is happening late.”

I honestly don’t think that matters with this team. I think this team just goes through these stretches of games and struggles. This team is better than last year and if healthy come playoff time will be the best team in the East.

The only thing that scares me with this team is its overreliance on the three-ball. When they can’t hit threes they struggle. Tatum and Brown have to realize this and do more to get to the free throw line and score at the rim

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