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Gronk Speaks Out On Brady Unretiring Rumors

Even Gronk is now speaking out on rumors that Tom Brady is unretiring.

New York Post:

Gronkowski was asked by about the percolating rumors that his former quarterback in both New England and Tampa Bay could un-retire for a second consecutive offseason.

“That was a surprise when I saw that news,” Gronkowski said. “It actually put me on my toes. I was very shocked when I saw that.

“I feel like Tom is definitely totally done playing. I haven’t talked to him or anything about it. I’m not speaking for Tom.”

“Just from everything I saw from his retirement video and everything I just feel like he is just done playing football,” Gronk added. “It was just very shocking though when I heard that news the other day.”

Doesn’t this seem like Gronk thinks this is something that might not happen? Interesting.

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