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Should The Giants Trade For DeAndre Hopkins?

The Giants shocked the NFL last year by not only making the playoffs but even winning a playoff game.

Anyone who watched the Giants last year knows they punched WAY above their weight.

Me saying this is not a shot at the Giants either. It is just pointing out the job that the coaching staff did with a roster that had massive holes.

One of those holes was at the wide receiver position.

It seemed like anytime a WR would play well they would get hurt.

According to Johnny Venerable of PHNX Sports, the Giants are among those to watch as it pertains to Hopkins.

I then read an article from Clutch Points making the case for Hopkins.

From Clutch Points:

Upgrades are needed here, and that’s where Hopkins comes into play. The Cardinals endured a horrible 2022 campaign, with one of their few bright spots being the play of Hopkins. Despite playing in just nine games, Hopkins was wildly productive (64 REC, 717 YDS, 3 TD) proving that he can still be the top option in the passing game.

Think about it; New York has put all of their chips on the table, and the offseason hasn’t even really started yet. Jones is getting paid $40 million a year at this point, and they also just placed the franchise tag on Barkley. While he hasn’t been extended yet, the two key pillars of this team’s offense are going to be sticking around for quite some time.

But they aren’t going to be able to win a Super Bowl on their own, which we saw this season. That means they need serious upgrades at their wide receiver position. Slayton is a decent secondary receiver, but he should never be leading his team in receiving yards at the end of the season. Even if the Giants add Hopkins, they still would likely have to bring in more help at the position behind him.

Re-signing Jones is one thing, but the Giants have to realize the work cannot end here. They need to continually find ways to upgrade their supporting cast around Jones in hopes that it will help him continue to grow as the leader of the offense, and the easiest way to accomplish that this offseason would be to go out and trade for Hopkins.

So, this raises the question – should the Giants trade for DeAndre Hopkins?

My answer here relies on what else the Giants do.

DeAndre Hopkins alone would drastically improve the Giants’ receiving core. He is a true number-one receiver and watching him shows you just how dominant he is. His presence will make all the other receivers better because so much focus will be on Hopkins.


Hopkins on the Giants last year would not have won the Giants a Super Bowl.

The Giants had holes on defense, especially linebackers that became apparent in the playoffs.

If they can fix other holes or at least have plans that fix these soon then I think it is a no-brainer. If the Giants see themselves 3 years away from filling these holes then you are better off getting younger players and building from there.

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