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Brady Unretiring Again?

Is Brady coming back again? One NFL Network Anchor thinks so.

New York Post:

The goat may not be out to pasture after all.

Rich Eisen, the NFL Network anchor, spent the week in Indianapolis and dished on several rumors that he heard at the NFL Scouting Combine, including a juicy one concerning a possible Tom Brady un-retirement.

“This one just blew my mind: Tom Brady might not be done after all,” Eisen said.

“A couple people were just like, ‘Hang on, just you wait.’ And I was like, ‘He’s Instagramming out pictures of his cat.’ But it doesn’t look like he’s getting big and fat, does it? Let it play out. Let’s see who wants what.”

Eisen then named the Dolphins as the potential destination.

Brady responded to it all but calling the rumors false.


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