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Should Holding Have Been Called Against James Bradberry?

The Super Bowl ended in a controversial fashion.

A hold on James Bradberry gave the Chiefs another first down and allowed them to run the clock almost all the way down and kick the game-winning field goal.

Greg Olsen was praised for blasting the call.

Now, before I give any more information I want to make my bias clear.

I had a MASSIVE bet on the Chiefs but I can see why an Eagles fan or bettor would be upset with the call.

With that being said I don’t think there is a ton of evidence left to support those complaining about the refs.

Let’s start with what Greg Olsen is being praised for.

Despite what Twitter may tell you he seems to be wrong here.

He specifically mentions the left hand and the broadcast focuses on that left hand.

We now know that this is not where the hold occurred.

The hold was with the right hand and it took place earlier than when the broadcast stopped the play.


Could Olsen have been just mentioning the left hand but knew it was with the right? Sure, but it just seems unfair to the refs that the broadcast showed a part of the play where the holding didn’t occur.

So, maybe you hate the call but they were looking at the wrong part.

The second thing is Bradberry himself has now admitted to the hold.

So, at this point, the only argument against this call is that it shouldn’t have been made because of what time in the game it was. I can sympathize with this but that alone does not make it a bad call. Especially because Mahomes seemed to have seen the hold himself.

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