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Home » The Superior Betting Corner: (Suns, Hawks, NBA Picks, Props, Parlays (2/1/2023)

The Superior Betting Corner: (Suns, Hawks, NBA Picks, Props, Parlays (2/1/2023)

NBA Pick: Hawks ML

In the last ten games the Hawks are 6-4 overall and have played better than there early season struggles. In the last ten games the hawks are 7-3 against the spread in the first quarter. This team will get off to a hot start against a team that struggles without Devin booker. This season Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton have a negative point differential while on the court at the same time. The hawks are the deeper team and I expect there starting lineup to lead them to victory.

NBA Prop: Malcom Brogdon Over 23.5 Points, Assists, Rebounds

Without Marcus Smart tonight the Celtics will need extra playing time out of there star guard off the bench. He has hit this total in 5 out of his last 7 games. The Celtics will need scoring off the bench and the nets allow 23 points, 6 assist, and 8 rebounds to guards I like Brogdon too take control of the second unit.

NBA Parlay: Celtics -5, Thunder -2

The Celtics this season are 19-6 at home and the nets are 2-3 in there last 5 games away from home. With Kevin Durant and Ben Simmons out I expect the Celtics to feed off the crowds energy from Kyrie Irving return and beat them at the TD Garden.

The Thunder this season away from home are 16-8 against the spread and giving ourselves 4 extra points I feel good laying the points. The rockets have struggled this season against top point guards allowing them 27 points per game. I like Shai to run the offense and play fast and run away from the rockets. With the rockets struggling on defense and the thunder staying hot from deep I like the thunder -2 away from home.

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