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How The Hell Was Devante Parker’s Head Injury Not Caught? – The NFLPA Is Investigating It

During the Monday Night Football game between the Pats and Cardinals, DeVante Parker clearly injured his head after being tacked after a catch.

He came up stumbling. Bizzaelry this was not caught and another play almost went off before Parker was taken off the field – there is now an investigation into how something this obvious wasn’t caught.

Yahoo Sports:

The NFL and NFLPA will review their concussion-reporting policy after New England Patriots wide receiver DeVante Parker nearly continued playing despite sustaining a head injury during Monday’s game, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

Parker sustained the injury in the first quarter of Monday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals. Parker made a catch on a slant route to pick up a first down. Cardinals cornerback Antonio Hamilton landed on Parker awkwardly, causing the ball to come out at the end of the play.

The Patriots tried to quickly run up to the line in case the Cardinals wanted to challenge whether Parker caught the ball. Patriots receiver Nelson Agholor noticed Parker was wobbly and slow getting lined up, so Agholor took a knee and tried to wave at officials to stop the game.

His pleas were successful. Officials stopped the game so Parker could leave the field. He eventually left the game and did not return due to a head injury.


Agholor did all he could to get the ref’s attention.

This was legitimately tough to see. Watching a player come up and stumble like that and seemingly none of the right people notice was crazy. What were they looking at?

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