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It Is Make Or Break Time For The New York Giants

The Giants got absolutely destroyed by the Philidelphia Eagles on Sunday. They lost 48-22 but to be honest it felt even worse than that.

This has led to many beginning to call the Giants a bad team and overhyped.

Did the Giants play well? No. Are the Giants better than the Eagles? No (Most likely not let’s check back in the playoffs)

This of course completely leaves out just how injured the Giants are right now. They have multiple key players injured on both sides of the ball – this was a team that didn’t have a ton of depth, to begin with.

This also leaves out the importance of this game. It would’ve been nice to get this win but the big game for the Giants is next week versus the Commanders.

ESPN’s Jordan Raanan:

It is make-or-break time for the Giants season. If the Giants beat the Commanders they will need only one more win to make the playoffs. If the Giants lose to the Commanders their playoff hopes become reliant on the Seahawks, a team they already lost to.

Everything I have heard from Giants players shows a team that is motivated and locked in. If the Giants can get even a few players back they will beat the Commanders.

Don’t lose hope!

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