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GREAT NEWS: Robert Williams Has Been Cleared To Play!

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The Celtics are currently an NBA-best 21-7 – they have achieved this without their rim-protecting big man Robert Williams.

Luckily, he is returning!

Yahoo Sports reported:

According to the ESPN senior writer, the Texas A&M alum has been given the go-ahead medically and just has to feel mentally ready to step into a rotation with championship aspirations and the recent play to support such lofty goals, a brick of a game against the Golden State Warriors this weekend excepted.

“I think they’re essentially waiting for Robert Williams … to wake up one morning and say ‘I’m ready to go,’ explained Wojnarowski. “He’s cleared to play.”

“If you saw some of the clips of him in practice catching lob dunks, he’s playing five-on-five, he’s playing pain-free,” added Woj. But he’s still coming off that offseason knee surgery”

“If it’s not tomorrow against the (Los Angeles) Lakers, then Boston is back home Friday” to play the Orlando Magic, hinted the ESPN analyst of a potential alternate return options.

“There’s no rush to get Robert Williams back,” suggested Woj — and all signs point towards the Celtics agreeing.

This will make the Celtics even more dangerous. Robert Williams has been a huge asset to this team when healthy – they are completely different.

Let’s hope he can finally stay healthy for an entire season.

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