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Should The Giants Sign Odell Beckham Jr?

Nostalgia is one of life’s best and worst things at the same time.

Nothing is better than looking back at the past and feeling great about it. The downside of course is that you forget the ups and down during those times.

This is how I feel about the Odell Beckham Jr situation.

Odell is probably the most exciting player the Giants have had over the past decade. Ever since his catch versus the Cowboys he has been a star. Expectations were sky-high. That doesn’t mean that everything was perfect when he was on the Giants. During his time the Giants made the playoffs once and he did not play well at all during his one playoff game with the Giants. (Everyone remembers the now infamous boat picture) His time with the Giants did not end how anyone would have wanted it to.

That has a chance to change. Odell once again hinted that he would love to be back on the Giants.

The Giants Wire reported:

OBJ was a guest on Thursday Night Football’s “The Shop” and he shared his thoughts on unfinished business between him and Saquon Barkley.

“I’ll say this but it doesn’t mean anything. I don’t feel like Saquon Barkley and I got to do what we were supposed to do,” Beckham said.

There were big hopes for the Barkley/Beckham combo but it was short-lived after the Giants traded OBJ to the Cleveland Browns.

Here is the clip:

I want to say that I am not against Odell coming back the Giants. He is talented and has shown his love for the Giants as a whole.

I just feel we should all pump the breaks and think about this.

Ryan Dunleavy from the New York Post tweeted this.

Now, I disagree with Dunleavy on his view on what the fans think. I don’t think fans believe that Odell is the same player he used to be. Fans want Odell because they want this team make the playoffs again. The Giants’ biggest weakness this year has been their receiving core (mostly due to injuries) and fans believe Odell can be enough to propel them to the playoffs.

This is where I break from some fans. Would I like to see Odell on the Giants? Yes. Should it be something that fans are demanding from the team? No.

This team is in a weird place. Since they are winning fans want more and more to help out this year. The truth is that this is the first year of a whole new Giants team with Brian Daboll as coach. If Odell wants a multi-year deal that hurts the Giants’ flexibility moving forward then the deal should not be done.

Trust Daboll and Joe Schoen!

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