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Road To $2000 Sports Betting Update 4

We started a series showing the behind-the-scenes of gambling.

The goal was to turn $200 into $2000 before the end of the year. I have sad news. We busted out. That isn’t the end of the series. The whole point was knowing that busting might just be a possibility. I wanted to everyone an insider look at how to actually make money sports betting. Showing the pitfalls that cause people to lose money. If you ask even the pro sports gamblers they’ll tell you that winning in sports betting is not something that is easy. It takes not only the ability to pick games but the ability to stay disciplined.

So, we are starting again.

Let’s look at where I went wrong.

Looking back I lost due to terrible money management. I put far too much money on bets that lost. Rather than simply weathering the storm I was putting more money on bets that I shouldn’t and live betting way too much. The loss that really hurt me was the Bears vs Commanders game. My bet actually won – the Commander’s money line – yet I lost money. I put a ton of money into the teaser which did not hit. I then live bet the Over – that also didn’t hit. If the Bears scored we would’ve been up on the day but they didn’t so we lost. That is simply terrible money management. This is a great learning lesson about gambling – don’t chase!

We are starting again. With NBA on the horizon I think we can reach our goal!

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