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The Giants Just Need To Take This Season One Game At A Time

I have thought a lot about this Giants team. It is amazing how after so many seasons of disappointment from the Giants we finally have something to look forward to. The Giants are 4-1 and have a win against the Packers.

This last win has gotten everyone in the media talking. No longer are the Giants considered a fake team – people are now believers.

We reported last week on how the experts were not giving the Giants enough credit.

Are The “Experts” Wrong About The Giants?

I hate the fact that the Giants are now being so heavily praised. I want this team to be the underdog all season. That is why I’m writing this article. The Giants need to take this season one game at a time. 4-1 is amazing through five games but 12 games remain. If they start believing the hype this season could go south and quickly.

Playing hard and together with no “built-in excuses” is how they have managed to get to 4-1 that mentality needs to remain and the Giants might just be a playoff team.

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