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Giants Get Massive Win Over Packers, Daniel Jones Shines- Here Is Their Upcoming Schedule

The Giants traveled to London to take on the Green Bay Packers – they were 7-point underdogs.

They ended up playing their best game yet and beat the Packers 27-22.

In the Giants’ prior wins they looked like they did just enough to win the game but it was hard for us to say the team looked like a playoff team (although I thought they were)

This game was completely different. Despite the injuries, the Giants looked efficient on both sides of the ball. The offense put up 27 points and the defense didn’t give up a single point to the Packers in the second half (the only scoring was on a safety the Giants took on purpose)

This team looked legit. They did this with massive injury issues as well.

Daniel Jones was the star of this game. He made the big plays when they were needed and didn’t make any big mistakes. He is starting to look like the Quarterback we all knew he could be.

Here is the upcoming schedule for the Giants:

This is going to be a perfect stretch for the Giants. Although many are saying that the Giants’ schedule is easy coming up I completely disagree. Every single game comes against a team that has shown potential this season. They need to take this one game at a time and if they keep playing up to their potential I could see the Giants only losing one or two of the next 5.

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