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Brian Daboll Just Gave Giants Fans Another Reason To Love Him

Brian Daboll has won the hearts of Giants fans after just 5 games.

He has taken a franchise that hasn’t made the playoffs since 2016 and has them in a place where they can indeed make the playoffs.

He gave an interview to PFT and gave another reason for Giants fans to love him.

Daboll’s message is simple – no excuses.

From PFT:

Coach Brian Daboll has helped spark the great start by eliminating excuses.

“Anytime you have games like this people call them ‘built-in’ excuses, and I don’t want anyone in our organization to make an excuse about anything,” Daboll told PFT by phone after the game. “It’s not just always about X’s and O’s. It’s about leadership, about talking about resiliency. This league will humble you really quick. You get a two-game losing streak and no one’s gonna be happy, and it starts with me.”

When Daboll talked about eliminating excuses, it sounded like something he learned from his time with Patriots coach Bill Belichick. But Daboll already knew to resist built-in excuses longer before ever meeting Belichick. For Daboll, “no excuses” was instilled in him by his grandmother.

This one message that might just be the reason that the Giants have found so much success so far this season. The Giants have a million built-in excuses. They could whine about injuries, they could whine about the roster not having the most talent, they could whine about a million things. Instead, they now have a culture where none of that matters. Winning is the goal, when you lose there are no excuses it is on to the next game.

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