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Dan Campbell Reacts To Lions Loss – Is It Time To Panic?

After watching the Lions on Hard Knocks they became the team that everyone wanted to root for.

You can just see how much Dan Campbell loves his team and wants to win.

Sadly, the season has not started how anyone would have liked. They are 1-4 with their latest loss being 29-0.

Dan Campbell responded to the loss by saying he believes that the team has hit their rock bottom.

NBC Sports reported:

Lions head coach Dan Campbell gave a brutally honest assessment of his team after its ugly loss in Foxboro.

“To me, it’s about as bad as it gets. I mean, this is worse. You know, this is where we’re at. And sometimes it’s going to get bad before it gets better. And, you know, I believe we hit rock bottom. So now the only place to go is back up,” Campbell told reporters.

“And look, we’re going to get some guys back. I got to look at everything top to bottom, which I have time to do for the bye. And look, I’ve seen it too many times. I’ve been in this league too long as a player and a coach and I’ve seen teams that have started out rocky and it’s doom and gloom, and all of a sudden they win one and then they win the next one and then they win the next one. And that’s what I told them, you just got to win the first one. We just – when we come back, everybody’s got to look in the mirror over the break. How do you get better individually? Just like I’m going to do. And we find a way to win the next one. Just win the next one out of the bye and then take the next one as it comes. That’s all you can, that’s all you can do.”

So far this season, the Lions have been one of the best offenses in the league. They were the highest-scoring team before this week and just simply haven’t been able to get stops.

The terrible game caused Twitter to erupt and many to call for Campbell’s firing.

This is a perfect example of why the media and the internet can be simply the worst. It is filled with hot takes from people that are either looking for attention or have no clue what they are talking about.

Getting rid of Dan Campbell is a terrible idea. Dan Campbell becoming the coach has already gotten more buzz around the team and you can see a culture change. Firing him would reset the rebuild that is now only a season in.

Could it be the case that we overrated this Lions team before the season? Sure.

This Lions team may not be as talented as we thought and this might not be that breakout playoff season – it is not time for Lions fans to panic or overreact.

My prediction for the rest of the season is that the Lions figure it out and become a team that no one wants to face. They are a team that can beat any team on any given Sunday.

Lions fans – trust the rebuild!

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