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3 New NFL Future Bets I Just Placed

This has been quite the NFL season so far. There have been some giant disappointments and giant success stories already.

I decided that it was time to place some future bets.

My first one was the 49ers to win the Super Bowl at +1400.

Why you might ask? This is simple. They have exactly what is needed to win a Super Bowl. This team has an elite defense with an offense that might not be the best in the league but it has weapons all over it. Deebo Samuel and George Kittle are players that can dominate a game. With Jimmy G starting they have a quarterback that has proven he is good enough to bring them at least to the NFC championship.

The two other futures were also surrounding the 49ers.

They are:

Bills vs 49ers Superbowl +2500

Chiefs vs 49ers +4000

I put these ins because if the 49ers can get to the Super Bowl we are almost guaranteed that one of these hits.

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