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Are The “Experts” Wrong About The Giants?

I was reading an article by the Giants Wire about power rankings around the web and where the Giants rank.

There was one common theme among most of the “Experts” ranking them – they don’t believe in the Giants.

Giants NFL power rankings round-up going into Week 5

Here is one example:

Pro Football Network:

Don’t let the 3-1 record fool you. The New York Giants are fraudulent. While the defense seems competent under new defensive coordinator Wink Martindale, they’ve yet to face a good offense this season.

But it’s the offense that makes this team pretenders. Calling the passing attack non-existent would be disrespectful to non-existent entities far and wide. Luckily for them, Daniel Jones has made things complicated for defenses with his legs, and Saquon Barkley has busted some massive runs to help a largely hopeless Giants offense survive.

Are the Giants a Super Bowl contender?

Most likely not.

Does that mean this team is fraudulent and as bad as past seasons?


The bottom line with this Giants team is that they are winning games that last year they would have lost. The same people claiming the Giant’s schedule was easy so far are the same ones who would’ve laughed if we predicted the Giants beginning 3-1. (In our breakdown of the Giants schedule we pointed out this could be a possibility)

This team believes in themselves and is full of fight. That is more than could’ve been said about past seasons.

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