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Road To $2000 Sports Betting Update 2

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What a terrible start for us turning $200 to $2000. We broke around even after our College Football bets yesterday but almost broke it big.

I bet a late Parlay

LSU vs Auburn:

Over 45

West Virginia vs Texas:

Texas -7

Duke vs Virginia

Duke -2

This parlay was screwed by the fact both Auburn and LSU couldn’t get a single touchdown. Had this bet it would’ve made up for our losses on Friday.

Luckily we have more bets today. We are playing $120 in bets and I really like the board.

We have between $5 and $15 on each.

NFL Week 4 Bets (10/02/22)

We are also playing two parlays:

NFL Week 4 Parlay (10/02/22)

Part of the reason I decided to start doing this is that I want to study how I bet and hopefully we can all learn together about the potholes out there.

The lessons we have so far are simply regarding bankroll management. I live bet one $5 parlay which was throwing away $5. I also bet $20 on each of the Friday night games for no reason. Hopefully, Sunday gets us back over $200 so we can put good money down on Sunday Night and Monday Night football games.

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