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Sports Betting Road To $2000 Update 1 (10/01/22)

Yesterday, we announced our road to $2000 from a starting balance of $200.

Sports Betting: The Road To $2000 – Also Some Sports Betting Tips

I decided that $5 bets would be our standard bet to begin.

I didn’t start with this amount though. I decided while we have our full bankroll let’s try and start out with some big wins.

I put $20 on Houston -4 and $20 on Washington -4.

Houston bet did not cash. The Washington Bet did not cash.

Thoughts on the first day of bets on the road to $2,000:

Attempting to start out hot was a mistake. The $20 bets should not have been put on games like Houston and Washington. This means we are down $40 off those first two bets. This should be a great lesson for everyone – bankroll management is key.

$5 dollars were put on all the bets in below article:

NCAA Week 5 Bets (10/01/22)

$5 dollar bet was put on this parlay:

NCAA Week 5 Parlay (10/01/22)

$10 was put on a boosted bet Florida State, Michigan, and Alabama to all win by 7+ points. (+350)

The total amount of money on the line: $120

(Balance after bets were placed: $40)

We will update this with any live bets or increase odds we place.

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