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Sports Betting: The Road To $2000 – Also Some Sports Betting Tips

There is nothing more fun than Sports Gambling (Remember, always gamble responsibly)

Every bettor knows the highs and lows of gambling on sports.

When your parlay hits there is no better feeling – when you live bet all the money in your account and lose there is nothing worse.

That is important for anyone who is getting into sports gambling to understand. Very few people actually make money in the long run.

That is why I have decided that I want to track my attempt to get a $200 balance to $2000. I have no clue how long this will take and we will update articles from each weekend with our bets and how much we put on each game.

If we fail we will let everyone know – if we succeed we will let everyone know.

To begin I want to go over a few rules I want to follow. These are rules I have broken a million times previously and it has cost me.

Bankroll discipline:

This might be more important than any actual sports knowledge. If you don’t maintain discipline with your bankroll there is no question that you will end up losing in the long run. You don’t have to put the same amount on every game, some games you might feel more comfortable with but don’t bet 75% of your bankroll on a single game, you will lose it all.

Know your streaks:

Gambling is streaky. There are times you will be winning all the bets you place. Then there will be times when you will suffer bad beat after bad beat. Sticking to your plan through both of these streaks is important to long-term winning.

Do research but trust your gut:

Research is certainly an important part of being a good sports bettor. You probably won’t be very good if you just blindly pick teams. With that being said it is also important to trust your gut instinct. Sometimes every stat you are looking at tells you to bet one way but your gut is telling you something completely different. Research should help you make good fact-based decisions but that research in itself is only that. It is there to help you it does not mean completely disregard the eye test.

Use live betting properly: 

Live betting is a hidden gem of betting sports. It has been something that has made me some of my biggest wins and has also handed me some of my biggest losses. Live betting allows you to get a feel for the game you are betting on and get better odds if the team you think is going to win is currently losing or doing worse than expected. The danger here is that you dump more money into a bet that is a loser and lose double. Live betting could be a valuable weapon but use it with caution.

If you LOVE a bet question yourself double:

Sometimes there are those bets that you simply can’t see losing. Those are the ones you have to question double. The bets I feel super comfortable with are sometimes my biggest losers.

Don’t try to your money back all at once:

Repeat after me: I am going to have bad betting nights. This is simply something that is going to happen. When you do lose don’t throw away your entire gameplan and try to get your money back all at once. Doing that will likely only dig you a deeper hole.

Stay Tuned for our road to $2000!

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