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Don’t Panic – The Giants Are Still 2-1

I have to say it is quite sad having to write a blog after the Giants lost their primetime Monday Night Football game to the Dallas Cowboys.

Of course, after the loss, everyone in the media is pretending they didn’t start the season 2-0.

Yes, the Giants did lose but the Cowboys are not some terrible team. Since the beginning of the season, we have seen that the Cowboys’ defense is elite. That defense beat the Giants. They pressured Jones all game and only let the Giants score one TD – on a big run from Saqoun Barkley.

No one anticipated the Giants even starting this well so it is crazy to me that the media is calling them bad again because they lost one game.

Next week, the Giants have the Bears which is a game they should win.

The Giants are in a weird spot. They aren’t rebuilding but in many ways they are. Every win this season is a plus. Don’t let the media take away how this team has overperformed expectations so far.

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