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This Is A Huge Game For The New York Giants

Are the Giants back? This is a question I have not stopped thinking about since they pulled out a big win against the Tennesse Titans.

There was a lot to look at from that game. The Giants did not play flawless football. Daniel Jones and the offense did enough but they did not play great. This team trailed 13-0 at one point and watching the game in the first half I couldn’t help but think here we go again, another rough season. That said, they came back and pulled out the win despite the mistakes. This alone should show us this season has a real chance to be different.

How many comeback games have the Giants just barely lost in past years? How many games have the Giants lost on late-game field goals?

The answer to both of these questions is a lot.

So, this brings us to Week 2. The Giants have to play the Carolina Panthers, a team that is not a pushover. This is a winnable game for the Giants. That is what makes this game so important. If the Giants want to have a shot at making the playoffs they can’t afford to drop games they should win.

We need to finally see a Giants offense that looks like they belong in the playoffs.

I know it is only Week 2 but a win here can give this team momentum that can propel them to the playoffs. One game at a time – starting with the Panthers!

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