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NFL Future Bets (Team Win Totals)

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Panthers Over 6.5 wins (+105)

I don’t understand why everyone is so down on this team. Last year their major weakness was the QB position – with good QB play they could shine. They now have Baker Mayfield who I believe is going to have a turnaround season. 7 wins seems like a good bet for this team.

Raiders Over 8.5 wins (-115)

The Raiders are one of my sleeper teams this year. They just signed Davante Adams which gives them a receiver that at times is unguardable. With the addition of Adams, I’m not sure how anyone can think this team will win less than 9 games.

Dolphins Over 9 wins (+105)

I really like the Dolphins this year. Adding someone like Tyreek Hill means their offense will be dynamic. Pair it with a good defense and it can be something special. The Dolphins won 9 games last year Tyreek makes them at least one game better.

Giants Over 7.5 wins (+140)

As a Giants fan this bet has to be in here.

Lions Over 6.5 wins (-115)

This is simple, I like Dan Campbell and I want to see the Lions make a massive jump this year.

Packers Under 11.5 wins (-130)

I believe the Packers are going to struggle this year. You can’t lose someone like Davante Adams and expect this team to just be the same. They have a good defense but will it be enough to make up for an anemic offense? It could get them to the playoffs but not 12 wins.

Chiefs Under 10.5 (-105)

I’m not sure why people aren’t taking the Chiefs’ loss of Tyreek Hill seriously. Hill is a top receiver in the league and was one of the security blankets for Patrick Mahomes. When Mahomes would roll out he would look for Hill and that connection made this offense so deadly. I don’t think it is a guarantee they win 11 games this year. They were 12-5 last year – I do think that Hill is worth more than two wins to this team.

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