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NFL Future Bets (Conference Winners, Super Bowl Winners)

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These bets are not who I think is going to win the Conference or Super Bowl, they are simply what odds I think are the best for teams who I think have a chance to win.

NFC Conference Winner:

49ers + 700

If things go as planned for the 49ers they could easily be the best team in the NFC, especially in the regular season.

AFC Conference Winner:

Bills +300

The Bills are the favorite to win the conference but this is still the best bet. The Bills are only getting better and some of their completion actually got worse.

Super Bowl Winner:

LA Rams – +1100

The Rams have proven they can win having them with odds like this is a no-brainer for me. Give them a shot.

Cowboys – +2000

Do I think it is likely the Cowboys win a Super Bowl? No. Do I think it is worth putting some money on at +2000? Yes.

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