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Sports Illustrated Predicts Only 5 Wins For The Giants – I Disagree

Sports Illustrated’s Conor Orr is predicting the Giants will win only 5 games this season.

Here is his full NFC East breakdown.

Projected game-by-game results for every NFC East team

If you read my full breakdown of the Giants’ schedule you would know that I strongly disagree with this.

Taking A Look At The Giants 2022/2023 Schedule

Here is some more on why I disagree.

Looking at his predictions we see the Giants dropping games to teams they simply shouldn’t but really don’t win any against that are better. He has the Giants losing to Chicago, Houston, and Jacksonville yet the only really shocking win I see is against the Vikings. Could I see the Giants winning only 5 games? Sure. But in my view, that is if the season goes about as bad as we can expect. With a fully healthy Daniel Jones and Saqoun Barkley they should easily win more than five games.

Watching the Giants over the past few seasons has been tough. The reason is not simply because they were bad – it is why they were bad. You just felt like the team could do more with what was on the roster. With a new coach I belive that this roster will finally show its full potential.

Only time will tell!

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