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Should LSU Have Went For Two?

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The LSU vs FSU finish is one of the craziest I have seen.

We saw LSU roar back after making key mistakes only to have it all end thanks to a blocked extra point.


Thanks to this the sports media has erupted with many saying that they believe LSU should have gone for two here.

I want to start by saying this type of Monday morning quarterbacking is the worst. Had LSU gone for two and didn’t get it the majority of these same people would have been saying they shouldn’t have gone for two.

If you are looking at this from the perspective of LSU it is a no-brainer to try and force the overtime. You have all the momentum and likely more all-around talent(although FSU played very well). Why would you make the game come down to one play?  You would be doing FSU a favor in that scenario. You would want the overtime so you would get multiple chances and plays to put Florida State away.

The reason LSU lost this game is that they played terribly. Too many turnovers, too many drops – just bad all-round play. Not that they decided to kick an extra point to force OT.

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