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Taking A Look At The Giants 2022/2023 Schedule

Giants fans are hoping this is finally the year we see a turnaround for the Giants. They have been a disaster over the past 5 years and are looking to finally get back to the playoffs.

Below is a look at their schedule and their road back to the playoffs.

Week 1: at Tennessee Titans

Don’t count the Giants out in this game. The Titans lost AJ Brown which will make this offense even more inconsistent. It really depends what team shows up to see if the Giants can steal a win here or not.

Week 2: vs. Carolina Panthers

This game comes down to who is starting. If Baker Mayfield is the starter I would give the edge in this match-up to the Panthers. If Sam Darnold is starting I predict the Giants get a big win here.

Week 3: vs. Dallas Cowboys (Mon.)

The only thing we know about this game is that it will be close.

Week 4: vs. Chicago Bears

After facing good teams the first three weeks the Giants finally get a team that is not expected to do anything this season. If the Giants start slow this game could serve as one to get them back on track.

Week 5: at Green Bay Packers

The Packers also have major questions coming into this season. They lost one of the best receivers in the league in Davante Adams and there is really no replacing him. This would still be a tough win for the Giants but at this point, we have no clue what this Packers team will look like.

Week 6: vs. Baltimore Ravens

This looks to me like the toughest game on the schedule for the Giants. They are going to have to find a way to stop Lamar Jackson which is something we are yet to see the Giant be able to do. With that being said the Ravens have shown they are quite inconsistent. If the Giants fluster Lamar early they might be able to stop the Ravens.

Week 7: at Jacksonville Jaguars

This simply should be a win. If the Giants want to make the playoffs they need to take advantage of games like this.

Week 8: at Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are in full rebuild mode which means this is a game the Giants need to have.

Season Checkup:

At this point, I could see the Giants being 4-4. They have some tough teams they have to play but they also have 3 games against teams who will likely finish at the bottom of the NFL. If they win those 3 all they need is one win against a good team and they are 4 and 4.

Week 9: BYE

Week 10: vs. Houston Texans

Another game the Giants simply should win.

Week 11: vs. Detroit Lions

This might be a tough one. The Lions are a team I wouldn’t be shocked to see take a giant step this year.

Week 12: at Dallas Cowboys 

The Giants will likely split with the Cowboys this season which means if they lose the first one I could see them taking this one.

Week 13: vs. Washington Commanders

Even though everyone is down on the NFC East I disagree with the assumption that these teams are bad. The Commanders picked up Carson Wentz who is a formidable Quarterback in the NFL. The Giants are going to need to be better than this team if they want to be back in the playoffs.

Week 14: vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Like with the Commanders the Eagles are talented. They just signed AJ Brown and already have talent. If Jaylen Hurts takes another step up this team will be tough to beat. Like with the Commanders the Giants are going to need to at least split with the Eagles if they up to get in the playoffs.

Week 15: at Washington Commanders

Week 16: at Minnesota Vikings 

The Vikings are super talented and not a team to take lightly. Justin Jefferson, Adam Theilen, and Dalvin Cook are elite weapons on offense for Kirk Cousins to use. This will be tough for the Giants but is a game they might need to sneak into the playoffs.

Week 17: vs. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts signed Matt Ryan and if he plays like his old self will be a good team. This would be a tough win for the Giants.

Week 18: at Philadelphia Eagles

Full Season recap:

The Giant’s schedule starts and ends tough. The key for them getting back into the playoffs is simply beating teams they should beat and then stealing a few games from teams that before the season are being considered as better. I spot five games on here currently that I would say the Giants are better on paper than. If they go 3-3 in the division we are now up to 8 wins. That would mean out of the remaining 6 games we would need most likely 2 or 3 wins against teams that are considered better at this point.


Best Case Scenario: 12-5

Worst Case Scenario: 6-11


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