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Should The Nets Trade Ben Simmons?

The Nets went from title favorites to the NBA’s biggest dumpster fire.

Their best player Kevin Durant has asked to be traded and they have been unable to find a trade partner for Kyrie Irving.

The one name that has not been discussed in trade talks is Ben Simmons.

An article from the Nets Wire outlined a mock trade for Simmons.

From Nets Wire:

Atlanta Hawks Receive: Ben Simmons

Brooklyn Nets Receive: John Collins and Onyeka Okongwu

This brought up an interesting question in my mind – should they look to trade him?

Before people get upset let’s look at why the answer to this question might be a yes.

The first is that it will provide the Nets with more flexibility. One of the issues with Simmons is that he doesn’t give the Nets much flexibility. His inability to shoot means that the players he is surrounded with need to be able to shoot. If the Nets wanted to do a deal with the Lakers for their picks and Russell Westbrook Simmons would make that deal undoable. Westbrook and Simmons won’t be able to play next to each other. If you move Simmons you can afford to take a flier on Westbrook just to get the picks.

Simmons would also bring in a nice haul for the Nets. They could expedite a rebuild by trading away Simmons and getting young talent and picks.

At this point, I still think the best move for the Nets is to try and keep their core together. They have enough talent to win a title they just need to put it all together.

With that being said it they do make trades it might be a good idea to move all of their stars.

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