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The Importance Of Tyrod Taylor To The Giants

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I want to begin this article by saying I am a supporter and fan of Daniel Jones. I think Jones gets unfairly criticized by many in the media who didn’t think he would be good to begin with.

That does not mean that the Giants’ signing Tyrod Taylor to the roster wasn’t a great move.

Tyrod can be a great starter if Jones struggles or gets injured:

When Daniel Jones got injured last season the Giants were unable to replace him with a Quarterback that could run the offense well. With the addition of Tyrod Taylor, the Giants now have a backup Quarterback who could come in and win games.

We also have the possibility that Daniel Jones doesn’t play well to start the season and Taylor takes over. If this happens I could still see the Giants making th playoffs. Taylor is a very good Quarterback who will get the most out of this offense.

Taylor is staying ready in case his starting opportunity arises.

From Giants Wire:

Although Taylor was signed to back up Jones, that hasn’t capped his competitive juices. He’s still preparing each day to start so that if and when the time comes, he’ll be ready.

“My job is to come in and prepare like a starter each and every day,” Taylor said. “I think that’s just the mindset, that’s not everybody but it’s the mindset for me and I know it keeps me in a competitive state of mind. Also, it builds trust within your teammates. If there is no drop-off from the first, second and third group, the better our team is.”

And to Taylor’s credit, there has been no drop-off behind Jones. He’s looked every bit as sharp as his counterpoint throughout training camp and that’s a breath of fresh air for the Giants. It’s also precisely why general manager Joe Schoen made it a point to go out and sign Taylor after the disaster the team experienced a year ago.

“I came in here ready to compete and that’s what the nature of this game is. There is only one quarterback that can play, and you have to be ready at any time when that opportunity presents itself. I’m working each and every day just trying to get better and ready for the opportunity that presents itself,” Taylor said.

Tyrod Taylor is going to be a key piece for the Giants this season. Having a good veteran like him backing up Daniel Jones gives the Giants flexibility that they didn’t have last year.

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