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All Eyes On Saquon Barkley This Year

Saquon Barkley has the most upside of anyone on the Giants’ roster.

In his rookie year, Saquon had over 2000 total yards from scrimmage. 1307 of these were rushing yards. He followed it up with another strong season rushing for over 1000 yards in just 13 games.

Sadly since then, Barkley has been battling injuries playing only 15 games over the past two seasons.

Pro Football Focus gave an update on the injured Barkley.

From PFF:

Injury: Low ankle sprain
Barkley suffered a low ankle sprain in Week 5 against the Cowboys on a freak play. He was not the same the rest of the season. He is now two years removed from his ACL injury. As mentioned before, Year 2 is when athletes tend to look best after the ACL tears. I do not understand why people are trying to label him as “injury prone.” I am smashing the draft button every chance I get. In my opinion, Barkley is a low-risk player.

Injury risk: Low
Update: Barkley is participating in camp with no limitations. He looks great, and my expectations for him have not changed.

So, Pro Football Focus is not worried about Saquon Barkley’s injuries. The writer clearly believes that these injuries will not continue to plague him.

This means that there are really no excuses for Barkley this year. If he doesn’t come back to form many are likely to simply view him as unreliable and done.

Luckily, reports claim that Saquon is looking great in training camp.

Giants Training Camp Update: Saquon Looks Explosive, Giants Rookie Receiver Shining

Saquon is a key to this offense. If he plays anything like he did in his rookie season this offense will be at least serviceable.

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