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Giants Allegedly Not Interested In Jimmy Garoppolo

A report from ESPN claims that people within the Giants organization are saying they are not interested in getting Jimmy Garoppolo.

From Giants Wire:

The oddsmakers have the New York Giants as one of the favorites to land him, but the logistics and finances don’t seem to line up.

ESPN’s Jordan Raanan had this to say on his podcast this week.

“I’ve spoken to people within the organization — you can say, ‘sources say.’ The Giants are not getting Jimmy Garoppolo,” Raanan said on the Breaking Big Blue podcast.

“Tell me how that makes sense for the New York Giants? Are they trying to win this year? Is he their future franchise quarterback? Do they have to money? Why would they give up assets? This is a rebuilding team.”

I agree with a lot of what Raanan says here. It doesn’t make much sense for the Giants to acquire Garoppolo at this point. Although Daniel Jones is certainly on the hot seat he still will be given at least a few games this season as the starter. I don’t believe at this point the Giants want Garoppolo.

I do disagree with something here. That is that the Giants are a rebuilding team. Just because a team is bad does not mean they are in a rebuilding phase. Daniel Jones has been in the league for 4 years. Saquon Barkley has been in the league for 3 years. The Giants receiving core has veterans on it. This season will decide whether the Giants decide their a few pieces away from contending or if they go back into a rebuild. This is why I say that the Giant’s interest in Garoppolo should only come after this season. Daniel Jones deserves at least five more games before the Giants drop him.

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