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Dexter Lawrence: Giants Making The Playoffs Is “A Realistic Goal”

Defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence told reporters that the Giants making the playoffs is “a realistic goal” for the team.

From Newsday:

It may have been one of the most tepid brags in NFL history, but given how reticent the Giants have been to even discuss their aspirations for this coming season Dexter Lawrence gave the equivalent of a Joe Namath guarantee when me mentioned… the playoffs.

“It’s a realistic goal,” the defensive lineman said. “You can’t sit on what happened years prior. You’ve got to go for what you’re shooting for now. Everybody’s goal is to make it to the postseason. If everybody has the same goal, we’re all going to have the same work ethic to try to get there.”


I love this. This team needs to take it one game at a time and see what happens!

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