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I’m All-In On Baker Mayfield This Year

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I am officially all-in on Baker Mayfield. I don’t understand why many in the media have decided that they are going to dump Mayfield after he had a poor season while playing injured.

Mayfield is now on the Panthers a team that had terrible Quarterback play last year. Mayfield can turn this all around.

It seems his teammates are already liking him.

ESPN just released a report titled “Baker Mayfield’s “mess talk” is entertaining his new Carolina Panthers teammates”

From ESPN:

In 2015, Thompson’s rookie season, Newton and cornerback Josh Norman talked so much trash that the two wound up in a training camp fight after Norman intercepted the eventual NFL MVP.

“He’s competitive,” Thompson said of Mayfield. “That’s how Cam was in 2015. Cam was competitive, talking mess, him and TD [Thomas Davis]. We’re all competitors.

“I love a quarterback who talks trash. We’re going to talk trash right back to you. Low blows, high blows, it don’t matter. At the end of the day we’re football players, we’re brothers, and we’re all going for the same goal.”

The Athletic released a piece titled Panthers QB competition: Sam Darnold goes deep; Baker Mayfield bringing energy and swagger”

The Panthers would be crazy not to start Baker Mayfield this year. He is the better quarterback.

From PFF:

Baker Mayfield is the best quarterback on the Carolina Panthers roster and should win any “open competition” in training camp.

There’s something about Mayfield that causes people to lose their minds and analyze only using hyperbole, instead of correctly analyzing his NFL career as one of failing to live up to the billing of a No. 1 overall pick — but still being a successful starting quarterback.

Darnold’s career PFF grade is 60.7. Mayfield’s is 84.0 even factoring in last season. The 63.6 that Mayfield posted last year with a torn shoulder is still a career year for Darnold.

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