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My Thoughts On Hitman Absolution

We recently gave our thoughts on Hitman Blood Money. This game was one of my favorite of all time and a must-play for Hitman fans.

My Thoughts On Hitman Blood Money (Game Review)

Hitman Blood Money came out in 2006.

We had to wait 6 long years for a new Hitman to come out. That game was Hitman Absolution.

I will say that when I first played Absolution I was somewhat disappointed. It wasn’t that it wasn’t a good game – it was a great game. It just didn’t have the Hitman game feel.

Rather than having these giant open levels that you could play one after the other this game had much more of a story to it. The story was great and enjoyable but the game just didn’t feel like your typical Hitman game.

Before writing this I beat the game again. I have to say that I now enjoy this game more than I did originally.

The changes they made to the game in terms of movement and the AI are great. The cover system works well and no longer do you have the entire map going after you because one guy shoots at you. I had many times where someone shot at me and I was able to take them out without automatically losing my cover. It is much more realistic this time around. The game simply feels better – as it should do to the fact it was made 6 years later.

They also added in a cool score system with a ton of different ways to complete missions which helps push you to play the missions more than once. There is also a cool contracts mode where you can basically make your own missions and share them with friends.

One new feature I really didn’t like was the instinct feature. In this game having a disguise doesn’t mean you are good to go. Other people with that same disguise can tell who you are and your cover is blown. This was quite annoying and in many cases seemingly made the disguises useless.

Hitman Absolution is a great game and one I enjoyed playing. I will say that this game does not have the replayability that other Hitman games have because the missions simply aren’t suited for that – even with all the additions, I mentioned above. That doesn’t mean this isn’t a good game. An argument can be made that if you are just looking for one playthrough this game would be a better option than Blood Money. Just keep in mind that you won’t leave this game the same way you’d feel about the missions in Blood Money. Missions like A New Life which can be played hundreds of times without boredom simply don’t exist here.

I recommend everyone buy this game and play it because it is worth it.

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