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This Stat Should Infuriate Celtics Fans

Last night was a rough night for Celtics fans. The Celtics had a chance to clinch a finals birth but choked it away – they now have to win one on the road.

The Celtics Strike Again – Choke Away Game 6

As I was reading the news after the game one stat surfaced that made me want to throw up. That is that Tatum and Brown took only one shot attempt combined in the last 4:43 of the game.

From NBC Sports:

Tatum and Brown combined for only one shot attempt over the final 4:43 of the game — a Tatum floater that cut Miami’s lead to 105-101 with 1:08 remaining. Brown missed two crucial free throws with the score tied 99-99. Tatum turned the ball over with the Celtics trailing 102-99 and 1:48 left on the clock.

One shot attempt apiece for Tatum and Brown during the most important quarter of the season is nowhere near good enough.

How can this be? The Celtics dynamic duo watched as Jimmy Butler took over the game and won Game 6.

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