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The Celtics Strike Again – Choke Away Game 6

This Celtics team never wants to make things easy.

After stealing Game 5 on the road the Celtics lost Game 6 at home – this is the game that would have clinched a trip to the NBA finals. Now, they’re going to have to steal one on the road.

The Celtics shouldn’t have lost this game. The turnover bug cameback to bite them again. Instead of coming out hot they started slow. They allowed the Heat to stay confident and in the end it cost them this game.

One part of the game that has to be disccused is Jaylen Brown’s two missed free throws. It is 99-99 late in the fourth – Jaylen Brown gets fouled. Brown goes to the free throw line and misses both free throws. Jimmy Butler gets an and-one on the next play. It was at this moment the game became over.

I will still be rolling with the Celtics in Game 7 but it is simply shocking how this team continues to play like this.

Will they ever learn from their mistakes? How many times are we going to see the Celtics devolve into ISO ball late in games? How many times are we going to see the Celtics give up bad offensive rebounds? How many times are the Celtics going to be careless with the ball late in games?

The Celtics can use this loss to propel them to the finals or end another season by choking away the series.

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