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Did This Call Cost The Celtics The Game? – Celtics Vs Heat Game 6

I want to begin this by being clear that I am not making excuses for the Celtics.

No one is more pissed than I am about how this team choked away the game.

However, when the internet goes abuzz with a blown call I will talk about it.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy tweeted out a clip of the Tatum call saying it is the worst call in the history of sports.

Few things with this call:

The first is this should not have been an offensive foul. Does Tatum’s arm make contact with Tucker? Yes. Was it meaningful at all? No. Tucker clearly jumped into Tatum therefore the contact was initiated by him. This means if anything was called it should’ve been on Tucker.

The second part is that the refs calling this was a complete break from the rest of the game. How many times did Heat players do this exact something? ALL THE TIME.

This should’ve been at the very least just a no-call if not a foul on Tucker.

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