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Can The Celtics Win Game 7?

Celtics fans are still reeling from the loss of Game 6 at home. Fans could smell the finals and it was ripped from them.

Luckily, there is still another chance for Boston to make the finals – that is a Game 7 win.

The Celtics are going to have to do this on the road but they have already won in Miami twice.

So the question is can they do it again?

The Celtics have really dominated this series. Their losses can be tied directly back to their own mistakes. The Celtics should’ve beaten this team in 5.

The way it is done is by finally playing a clean game of basketball.

The Celtics need to stop the turnovers. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown still have not realized that trying to dribble through the entire Heat defense is simply not a good idea.

The Celtics also need to stop the ISO ball late. This team is at its best when it is driving and kicking. It makes no sense that we drive and kick for three quarters and a half and then turn into an ISO team. All season the Celtics have blown games doing this. If they want to win Game 7 they need to be better when it counts.

The final thing I want to see is this team getting easier shots. The Celtics basically refuse to make anything easy for themselves. I want to see more Robert Willaims alley-oops and better interior passing. I want to see this team passing up decent shots for great shots. If they play smart they will win and it won’t even be close.


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