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Celtics vs Heat Game 5 Preview 5/25/22

Another series another key Game 5 for the Celtics. Last series the Celtics dominated the game only to blow it late and let the Bucks win.

Let’s hope for something different this time around.

As this is being written we have no clue what the Celtics team will look like. Marcus Smart and Robert Williams could both play or both be out. The Heat have similar issues. Both Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro could play or sit.

The Heat’s injuries matter much more than the Celtics’ injuries. If Butler sits the Heat don’t have a chance to win. If the Smart and Williams sit the Celtics could still find a way to win although it would be much tougher.

The game is really going down to two things:

The first is will the Celtics take care of the ball. The Celtics have been careless at times with turnovers and it has cost them in this series.

The Heat’s wins can be directly tied to the Celtic’s turnovers – if they don’t turn it over the Celtics win easily.

The second is what Jayson Tatum are we going to see. Tatum is one of the best players in the league when he plays at his best. We need the Tatum who attacks the rim and dominates the gem offensively.

My prediction: 110-95 Celtics win

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